I reluctantly tried shore fishing years ago, however never really got the fishing bug until I was introduced to Kayak fishing by my husband Phil who was keen to try it out.

Living near the Northumberland coast, the Sea Kayaking got me excited at first, paddling became my exercise of choice; then, in a “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em “ moment, I agreed to try fishing in 2015 and became hooked.

My first kayak fishing comp brought me an admirable 7th position, closely followed by the Ladies Trophy in the Amble Bob White Memorial Comp and another 7th place out of 150+ anglers.

I then discovered fresh water fishing from a Kayak and my most memorable fish will always be my first pike caught on the River Ouse in York. Luring, catching, handling and returning such a beautiful creature was a moment of wonder.

I am now travelling more to kayak fish and learning more from a whole new group of anglers, many of whom are as passionate about fish welfare and behaviour as myself. Just being with fellow kayak anglers and the fun of the competition is the appeal for me in the many events I have since participated in.

Getting placed at the London International 2018 was a highlight. My perch was beaten only by 2 others, one of whom was the overall winner Lars Lundberg!

Seeing the world’s elite anglers on Hobie Kayaks was a game changer for me and after some great advice from them to keep the line in the water, I knew the best way to go was paddle free and keep my hands free for casting.

My Hobie had to be light and fast, that’s what I’m used to, and I have not been disappointed with my chosen Hobie Compass- it cuts through the surf on the sea and gives real stability with its wider back end. The Compass is remarkably manoeuvrable with the paddle as well as the pedals, now I get to give my legs a work out with the mirage drive pedals allowing me to hold my position while fishing and move stealthily and quickly without the inconvenience of a paddle. The H track allows me to fix my fish finder, other bells and whistles and move them at any time easily.

Fishing, exercising and seeing the world from a very comfortable seat….what could be better.

p.s.  I let Phil have a Hobie Outback… so he can keep up.