How to install Hobie Deck Pad kit

Looking at the Hobie Outback limited edition (LE) models, I really liked what Hobie did with the deck highlights; sometimes little things can make a big difference to the way the kayak looks. Hobie now sell an upgrade kit for Hobie fishing kayaks, so you can get that “LE” look for your own Hobie kayak.

This guide covers the Deck Pad Kit for the Hobie Outback – but kits are available for other kayaks too. The Outback kit comes in three different colours

Green/Espresso – Hobie part 72020256

Titanium/Blue – Hobie part 72020257

Grey/Charcoal – Hobie part 72020258


I chose the Grey/Charcoal combination, as I thought it was a good contrast against the yellow hull of my Hobie Outback.

The deck pad kit comes with a good set of instructions, and an owners manual…





The first thing to be aware of, is that ideally you should install the deck kit in temperatures of over 16 degrees (celicius). As it is currently winter in the UK, and I could not wait until the spring/summer, I decided to use a hair drier to warm the deck pads.

It is also very important to clean the hull of the kayak thoroughly before you install the deck kit. I used an ammonia based window cleaning product, and before applying the pads, I used lighter fuel to remove any grease.



It is a good idea to take out the pre-cut pads from the box and arrange them loosely on the deck of the kayak. That way, you can see where everything goes, and check that you have everything you need.

My Hobie Outback has several customised upgrades – I have installed a rectanglular hatch (lengthways), some RAM based rod holders, and various electrical and rail based items. These custom items would require a bit of thought, but the kit can easily be “adapted” as you will see.

Arranging the deck pads on the hull of the kayak…


Once I had a good idea of where everything was going to go, I started to add the decks pads, starting at the bow of the kayak…


Because it was cold, I used the hairdrier to activate the adhesive. I took my time with the front hatch, because it is curved, but it was pretty straightforward.

The Outback was already looking quite jazzy, and I had only just started…






Working my way along the kayak from the bow to the stern, I added the pads to the mirage drive bay…


Next I added the pad to the rectangular hatch (The kit contains pads to cover both the rectangular and circular hatches). However, at this point I wanted to add a bit more bling around the outide of the rectangular hatch. I took the pad which was intended for the circular hatch surround, and cut it so that I could use it around the rectangular hatch. It looked great…




I also cut the pads to allow them to sit either side of my RAM rod tubes…


And the port side accessory shelf…


Finally I added the pads to the tankwell and to the rear hatch…


The deck pads even matched my custom hydro dipped H crate – pure luck…


Probably one of the simplest upgrades I have made, and I was pretty pleased with the final outcome…


If you would like to pimp your Hobie with the deck pad kit, then contact the Hobie Cat Centre.

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