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The Hobie European Championships.

The competition was held at Lacanau in Bordeaux, a beautiful lake very close to the Atlantic coast. There were 51 Boats competing from all over Europe; Holland, Germany, Slovakia Sweden, Spain, Portugal and France the host country. There were good anglers from all over Europe who were all keen to win the prize of entry […]

Question and Answer Session with Ian Harris

  This week, we caught up with Ian Harris. He tells about his new role, London International and his kayaks. HCP = Hobie Centre Poole HCP – Congratulations on your new role! What is going to be your involvement with European Team? Ian – Thanks! I have just been named as the Captain of the […]

Question and Answer Session with Lee Garner

This week’s installment of ‘Meet the Team’. Lee Garner gives us his tips on lure fishing for Perch, and why he likes the Pro-angler 12. HCP = Hobie Centre Poole! HCP – Lee, Welcome. Let’s start with an easy one. What species have you been targeting? Lee – I have fished a lot for Perch […]

Question and Answer Session with Mike Taylor

A question and answer session with Mike Taylor the new recruit to the Hobie Centre’s UK Fishing Team, Mike uses a limited edition Hobie Outback   HCP – I know you enjoy organising and running competitions but is there a stretch of water that you would like to run a comp, but have not yet […]

The joy of fishing from a pedal kayak by Pat Haughton

In my early kayaking days I used a traditional sit on kayak, the Tarpon 14. I was already a mad keen rock hopping bass lure angler and I found this new fishing platform opened up hugely exciting fishing potential that I couldn’t previously reach. New Horizons However, I soon learnt that the traditional sit on […]

The complete list of Kayak Fishing Competitions 2018

Here is the complete list now the kayak fishing competitions for 2018. You can find further details and links to the events in the calendar below: KAYAK FISHING TOURNAMENTS 2018 Blue Anchor Cod Classic – 27 January Hobie Predator Open – Holland – March tbc Llangorse European Championship – 17 March Poole Plaice Chase – […]