Question and Answer Session with Dave Morris


Hobie UK Fishing Team


This week we do a Q&A with another Hobie UK fishing Team member – David Morris.

HCP = Hobie Centre Poole

HCP – The Hobie Centre, Poole have been sponsoring you as part of the UK Fishing Team for a fair few years now, what has been your most memorable moments?

Dave – Yes, been with the UK Hobie Fishing Team since its birth in 2012. Most memorable moments have to be the Hobie Fishing Worlds 2012 in Austin, Texas and 2013 Bemm and Marlo in Australia. I met some crazy people who have become good friends, caught some amazing fish and had a good laugh along the way.

HCP – Now… How about China?

Dave – YES! The last three years I’ve fished the Shengzhong Lake China Open Kayak Fishing Tournament, the Chinese certainly know how to put on an event… 1000 competitors over several disciplines, 20,000 spectators!

HCP – What is your finder set up on board?

Dave – Last year I became an Ambassador for Garmin. Garmin now look after my electronic needs, both fishfinders with Panoptix technology and cameras. This lead to me being on stage with fellow Garmin Ambassadors, Olympian Dame Kelly Holmes and TV Presenter/Pop Star Alisha Dixon, I think they were suitably impressed with meeting a kayak fisherman.

HCP – Is Alisha nice?

Dave – Alisha was lovely, really friendly normal lass who was just as excited about the evening as the rest of us.

HCP – oh aye … What is your preference salt or fresh?

Dave – I enjoy fishing both although I’ve been concentrating more and more on my freshwater kayak fishing, specifically lure fishing on my Hobie Outback LE. I still do a couple of saltwater competitions a year as well as organising the Hobie sponsored Swanage Classic which is in its ninth year for 2018. Last year I started fishing from the Hobie Revolution 16, gets me to the marks quicker which is important when there is up to 100 other competitors out on the water, think I might be doing a bit more salty stuff this year.

HCP – So why fresh?

Dave – Why freshwater? That’s where all the comps are headed and I love fishing competitively. Tournaments make you focus on what you are doing and why. If things don’t work you need to make some quick changes especially if others are hauling in fish.

HCP – And the fish to catch Pike, Perch, Zander…

Dave – … or Trout depending on venue. I love pike fishing but nothing beats a big Perch!

HCP – Rods, reels, line and lures. What is your ‘go to’ everyday set up? One rod, one reel only.

Dave – One rod and reel…? only if I was fly fishing! During the comps I take out at least four set ups.

HPC – Just one…

Dave – One?

HCP – One…

Dave – OK, if I have to choose one set up it would have to be my all round rig. (Daiwa UK) Daiwa Luvias 3000/ (SPRO Sports Professionals) Spro Insync 7-28g, Daiwa J-Braid 28lb, this set up still keeps everything fun, the Insync gets a lovely bend in it when hooked into a good fish, the Luvias has a lovely smooth drag and is well balanced to the rod. I use the multi-coloured J-Braid, if I’m trolling a lure it’s good to know how many metres of line you have out so you know your lure is in the zone.

HCP – And now the big question. THE lure?

Dave – That’s easy, the amazing Westin ShadTeez 12cm in either Headlight or Official Roach (The Lure Box), I’ve had some good pike and my PB Perch on them… superb lure. It’s a consistent fish catcher.


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