Question and Answer Session with Mike Taylor

A question and answer session with Mike Taylor the new recruit to the Hobie Centre’s UK Fishing Team, Mike uses a limited edition Hobie Outback


HCP – I know you enjoy organising and running competitions but is there a stretch of water that you would like to run a comp, but have not yet gained access?
Mike – There are a few I would love to gain access to one being the mighty Chew Valley but know they don’t allow access to kayaks so it would be a no go. Another I am thinking of trying is north of the border in Scotland and that is the Lake Of Mentieth.

HCP – Sounds like a voice of experience, you have fished it then?

Mike – I have fished Mentieth a few times in the past and there is just something about the place.
I have written the email out a few times but never sent it, it could be one for the future we will just have to see. It’s not easy fitting an extra event into the Kayak Fishing Calendar as there are so many.

HCP – You are busy with your events. Which one are you looking forward to?

Mike – I have the Lake District Rover Competition I am running this year which is brand new so I am excited to see how this goes, it has been tough figuring the format out but I think I am there now and have some great sponsors coming in, the Hobie Cat Centre Poole is supporting this new event along with all the other competitions I am running with some awesome prizes again.

HCP – Thanks Mike, we like to give back to the community! We thank everyone that has purchased a Hobie Kayak from us so we are able to help a sponsor these events and give a little back. Plus it means we get to fish too!
So what do you like most about competitive fishing? The late evenings camping before a comp seem to have as much attraction as the fishing itself!

Mike – It certainly does, the social side of the competitions is fantastic with people from all over the country it’s great to catch up with them.
The competitions I love the challenge, you have to fish hard and if you get wind of someone catching something good you have to up your game. Loch Ken I helped land a 20lb plus pike and photograph for one of the lads, I knew this would put him well clear of everyone so knew what I had to do to catch him, I played the numbers game and came a close second behind him.
But I like to help people out too, so if I know someone is struggling and I can put them on fish I will and have done in the past, once I put a guy on a shoal of perch, it was all he needed to take the win which he did do. So it’s not all really serious all the time and there are so many good people involved in the comps.

HCP – What are you most looking forward to this coming year?

Mike – This year there is so much I am looking forward to, firstly it’s a trip down to the Hobie Cat Centre in Poole, I have spoken to Kris and Steve a good bit when we’ve met at some of the competitions and have had kayaks from them but I have not visited the Centre yet.
I am looking forward to a lot of the competitions I’m working my socks off at the moment so I can get time off for them. Again it’s not just the competition it’s the social side of the competition getting to meet up with people I haven’t seen for a few months.

HCP – To be honest, that’s why I go! How about events?

Mike – The World Predator Classic in Holland is one I am really excited for, last year was my first time there and although it was really hard going I loved it, so I have the ferry and a house booked already to go, even spending the miserable days in winter preparing lures and rigs ready for the event.

HCP – You’re a family man too. How do they feel about you playing with lures?

Mike – As a Dad I am really pleased both my sons are keen to go fishing and it’s great teaching them to fish and now they are both at an age I can take them afloat (6 & 8 years old) my eldest son Nathan, fished for the first time in a kayak last year and despite the dreadful weather, he loved every minute of it and won the junior section. I can’t wait to get them out again and have a week booked away with them to get some practice in and have some fun on the kayaks.

I am looking forward most to the year ahead is being part of the Hobie Fishing Team, I cannot wait to see what the year ahead has in store.
I look forward to seeing you on the water!

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