Question and Answer Session with Terry Wright




This is the final installment of ‘Meet the Team’. Today we caught up with Terry Wright.

HCP= The Hobie Centre Poole

HCP – Good Morning Terry. Tell us, where did It all start with you?

Terry – Like most guys I started fishing as a kid with my Dad over 50 years ago.
I have worked my way through most disciplines, pleasure fishing, match and specimen fishing.

HCP – When did you get on a kayak?

Terry – 2006. I did a team building day at Rutland Water, part of which included messing about on some sit-on-top kayaks. That’s when I saw their potential as a fishing platform.
A quick search of the internet and I found Anglers Afloat and as the saying goes: “I was hooked!” I then made the mistake of buying the wrong kayak and ended up buying my second one within six months. Hence my advice to all newbies: “Try before you buy!”

HCP – Over the years you have had a varied appetite for kayaks. Where are you with it now?

Terry – I spent 10 years working my way through several brands.

HCP – ‘Several brands’? …You’ve had a few then?

Terry – I have just counted up and including my two Hobie’s…. I have had twelve different kayaks through my garage! Most of which were excellent kayaks but I think as a freshwater lure angler I was not getting what I really wanted. That was until I saw the Hobie boys at competitions.

HCP – What was it that interested you about the Hobie Kayaks?

Terry – It was kayak where you can move and have your hands free to cast and strike, a kayak where you don’t have to flap about putting your paddle down to strike when trolling a lure, Hobie was to be my next kayak.

HCP – There is an extensive range to choose from, which did you settle on?

Terry – With the range that Hobie offer it was obvious which would suit me best…..The Pro Angler 14 and so, ‘Lady Vixen’ was put on the water and almost 3 years it is the longest I have stuck with one model and I don’t plan to change anytime soon!

HCP – What did you like most about the Pro-Angler 14?

Terry – The comfort of the Vantage seat is a major plus for an old man like me, but that’s just the start.

HCP – The seat is amazing! I have sat in many seats over the years and the Vantage seat is far superior to anything! What else?

Terry – SPACE! Now anyone that knows me will tell you how I like to take a little too much gear with me….

HCP – Haha, with the PA14 there is no such thing as too much kit! Why not take everything?!

Terry – Well the PA14 allows me to indulge my ‘just in case’ syndrome, there is as much space as anyone could wish to have. Add to that the ability to stand up for perfect jerk bait retrieval or casting a big fly for pike and you have my perfect kayak.

HCP – How about your fish finder?

Terry – I am fortunate enough to be an Ambassador for Garmin and as such have a Garmin Echmap1022XSV head unit and a pair of Panoptix transducers.

HCP – How are you mounting the screen?

Terry – The H Rail! A great bit of kit. I mount the 10” screen securely along with Hobie’s H-rail accessory plates. Also for the drop down poles for the transducers.

HCP – Now, loading the Pro-Angler…

Terry– I have heard people say the Hobie PA’s are too heavy for car topping. Well I am 63 years old and not the fittest kayaker around, BUT I have no trouble getting the PA14 on top of my car. I regularly do it solo at meets and often decline generous offers of help from the lads just to prove a point.

HCP – I don’t know how else to word it, but how do you get it up?

Terry – Haha! It is all about technique. Don’t try lifting it above your head unless your surname is Schwarzenegger. For me it is a piece of carpet on the boot, lift the bows up onto it then lift the stern, remembering to bend at the knees, and put the PA14 up the boot and onto the roof bars. Dead easy and if I can do it any one can!

HCP – We have had to put up with what seems to be a never ending winter. Have you still been getting out?

Terry – The great thing about being a freshwater lure angler is that winter is a welcome season….Rutland and Graham have their Predator Season open. I have a season ticket for Anglian Waters fisheries and Winter is the time for Zander fishing.

HCP – What is the downside to winter for you?

Terry – It has to be the high winds. There has to be a back-up plan and this is where the Rivers Trent and Soar come in, flood levels permitting. So it’s a bit of lure fishing for perch and pike.

HCP – Thank you for your time today Terry. We wish you the best for 2018.


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